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Under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program, international students and temporary foreign workers with atleast 12 months of full-time work experience or 24 months of part-time work experience can file for permanent residency

Minimum Requirements for the candidate:

  • Have at least 1 year of full-time or 2 years of part-time work experience in NOC 0, A or B within the 3 years before applying.
  • Must attain required language levels in the language proficiency test.
  • Plan to reside outside Quebec.

*Please note that work experience obtained while enrolled as a full-time student does not get considered and even if the requirements are met it doesn't guarantee the selection. The selection is based on scores in the ranking system (CRS).

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Federal Skills Worker Class program is suited for people who want to for permanent residency based on being qualified in a skilled trade. All applicants must go through the Express Entry System

Minimum Requirements:

  • Meet the required levels in English or French in speaking, reading, writing and listening.
  • Have atleast 2 years of full-time work experience within 5 years of application.
  • Meet the job requirements for that skilled trade as set out in the National Occupational Classification (NOC), except for needing a certificate of qualification, and have an offer of full-time employment for a total period of at least one year or a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial authority
  • Plan to live outside Quebec

Currently eligible skilled trades for this program

  • Major Group 72: industrial, electrical and construction trades.
  • Major Group 73: maintenance and equipment operation trades.
  • Major Group 82: technical trades in natural resources, agriculture and production.
  • Major Group 92: processing and manufacturing operations.
  • Minor Group 632: chefs and cooks.
  • Minor Group 633: butchers and bakers.

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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program allows prospective immigrants with skills and experience for the nomination certificate which can be used to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. Processing times under this program are gnerally faster than other classes.

BC PNP accepts applications under two main immigration categories:

  • Skills Immigration
    • Skilled Worker Category
    • Health care professional category
    • International post graduates
  • Business/Investor Immigration

Each of these categories mentioned break down into sub categories. BC PNP is a very diverse program with a lot of options. To discuss options and learn more, contact us. BC PNP program uses a point based system to determine applicants qualifications. The system is based on factors including education, years of direct work-experience and more. The idea is to reflect the applicant's ability to succeed in the labour market and contribute to the provincial economy.

*Express entry British Columbia can work together with BC PNP to increase applicant's chances for success.

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First of its kind for Nova Scotia, NSNP is a program to attract prospective immigrants who can bring skills to boost province's economy while taking on the demographic challenges.

NSNP offers a number of streams to professionals from all backgrounds. All applicants must go through the Express Entry System

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express entry stream meant for professionals from backgrounds that are in demand in the province.
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express entry stream meant for professionals already working in Nova Scotia.
  • Skilled Worker: For applicants who have the skillset that makes it highly likely for them to get employment in Nova Scotia.

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Are you looking to start a business or invest in Canada? Under Business immigration program you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada. Based on Applicant's ability to become economically established within the Canadian economy, applicant's whole family can migrate to Canada.

2 Classes of Business Immigration Program:

  • Start-up Visa
  • Self-employment

BC PNP accepts applications under two main immigration categories:

Applicants must provide proof of sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members for atleast 1 year. Selection under this program is done based on the applicant's ability to create employment.

There are both federal and provincial programs available and criteria differs based on the program. To discuss your options, feel free to contact us.



If you are an experienced caregiver, have relevant education or are a nanny, you can apply for permanent residence in Canada under this program. There are 2 main categories that an applicant can apply under:

  • Child Care Program
  • Medical Needs Program

Minimum requirements:

  • Have atleast 2 years of relevant experience in Canada.
  • Meet minimum language and education requirements.

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This program is meant to provide refugee/asylum protection to people who have a well founded fear of persecution or are at risk of torture, or cruel or unusual punishment in their home countries. However, if you are under a removal order, you cannot make a refugee cliam.

Decision is made by Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) based on a set criteria. Not everyone is eligible to seek asylum. It involves a set procedure with strict deadlines. If you are in a situation where you need to seek asylum, don't delay and contact us today.

2 Key programs on offer:

  • Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program
  • In-Canada Asylum Program

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